In non-profit work, attention to detail really matters. There are so many worthy causes all working to get the attention of the corporate and individual donors that it is difficult for most nonprofit causes to get the attention they so rightfully deserve.

Here are our top 6 reasons why expressing your identity through custom screen printed t-shirts is so important, and so valuable.

Demonstrates Legitimacy

It is no secret that many companies have been hard hit by the economy in recent years, and are now starting to see positive recovery. Donors are ready to participate in charitable causes, but are much more careful about where those funds go because they want every dollar to count. Additionally, the last decade has many examples of nonprofit fraud after notable tragedies, motivating most companies to look very closely at any organization seeking their help. Donors expect to see organizations demonstrating their legitimacy in every way, including a strong brand demonstrated through things such as custom screen printed t-shirts, professional printed materials, and an attractive website.

Demonstrates Professionalism

Every legitimate organization needs to show the highest levels of professionalism. This includes attire that leaves a positive and memorable impression. PR pictures pop when your volunteers are wearing matching shirts.

Shows Organizational Skills

Success is more than just personal in non-profit work. Most often, lives depend on the research the funds support. This takes a tremendous amount of effort and organization. Well-run organizations pay attention to details, and donors respond positively.

Custom Screen printed T-Shirts Show Passion

riverparkBefore a cause can matter to anyone else, it has to matter to those at the helm. Custom screen printed t-shirts show their passion and that ignites the same passion within others, motivating them to help.

Provides a United Front

No person should face a crisis alone. Using custom screen printed t-shirts as a team shows the united force of people behind a cause, and ultimately behind the people in crisis. The clearly identifiable logos, colors, and designs provide what potential donors & volunteers need, an open invitation to reach out.

Lasting MarketingLasting Marketing

The most important job in any non-profit is to get people to remember the cause and motivate them to act. By nature, custom shirts last longer and are more popular than just about any other marketing material. That means more people will see it and become familiar with the name and cause you represent. Screen printed t-shirts provide lasting marketing that speaks to the wearer, and anyone that happens to see the custom apparel, giving it a very high value in any marketing plan. Here's the San Diego Food Bank receiving 30,000 pounds of donated ham -- and you bet they're wearing custom t-shirts for the occasion! Long after the big day passed, those t-shirts were still in circulation to remind people of the big day and the organizations that made it happen.


In today’s highly competitive marketplace, non-profit groups need to leverage the most valuable and prominent placement marketing available. If your non-profit wants to implement this popular marketing trend, please contact EmbroidMe San Diego today.