Volunteers appreciate little gestures of appreciation from the non-profits or government entities they support. A great way to provide a little recognition is embroidered shirts promoting your cause that your volunteers can wear while they go about their duties, and also while out and about in the community. A great example, right here in San Diego, is the non-profit Cabrillo National Monument Conservancy (aka Friends of Cabrillo), which supports Cabrillo National Monument. The Conservancy knows how to retain volunteers by making them feel good about their service, in part by giving embroidered shirts and other logo apparel gifts to the veterans who come back year after year.

A Recognizable Uniform in a Sea of Green and Gray

Recruiting-volunteers-CabrilloVolunteers receive their uniforms during training. Those volunteers who keep coming back, year after year, receive more than the embroidered shirts, they might receive hats, long sleeve shirts, and outerwear for the windy conditions.

Volunteers enjoy working for the Conservancy as they receive the embroidered shirts as an appreciation of service at the end of their season. Most volunteers are veterans who work in the community and have come back to the Monument for many years.

Volunteers are Community Members

The Monument relies on the volunteers to make contact with people visiting the park. The volunteers are part of the living history as well as at the tide pools with a touch table to interesting facts and answer questions for the visitors. This means there are more people around to help the visitors.

A Recognizable Uniform is a Trusted Person

The Conservancy knows that having volunteers on the ground volunteering in their embroidered makes them more visible, more trusted as most people rely on the uniform as the proper person to go to when they need help or questions answered. 

Group-photo-volunteers-in-embroidered-shirts People see volunteers in a more favorable light because they are part of the community surrounding the Monument and they wear their uniforms home. When neighbors and schoolchildren see them, they know they are seeing something interesting, hear a good story, and believe the volunteers’ honesty.

To find out more about getting embroidered (or screen printed) shirts made for your volunteers, please contact us for more information.