Whether you're part of a church group, community group, a nonprofit, a business, or a really geeky family, togetherness and community are an important aspect of many of our lives. Screen printed t-shirts can be a fun and important addition to whatever already prospering organization you belong to.

As a species, we love customizing. And why shouldn't we? Things always need to be changed for the better, or, dare I say, personalized. Imagine you're moving into a completely empty apartment. There's nothing in your new home but the floors and the walls.

Of course, one doesn't just live in a completely blank environment. You would prop up paintings or pictures on the walls, get a certain color carpet installed and set up your own furniture. That's because it's human nature to make things your OWN. With our screen printing services, you can add a colorful logo and/or picture to your pens, cups, shirts, business cards, and much more.

During the Crusades, the Christians wore colored armbands to identify each other. When the battles got chaotic, the pilgrim soldiers were able to differentiate friend from foe, preventing many unfortunate friendly-fire accidents. Wouldn't you find it awkward to slice off the head of one of your party while the group is participating in a trip to Six Flags? Okay- maybe that's a little bit of stretch (OK a huge stretch), but if you're in charge of a group of people on an outing - especially children - your job is a lot easier when you can identify all those you're in charge of with the blink of an eye. No man left behind, right? If your people are sporting a brightly colored custom screen printed t-shirt with a colorful logo, you can easily identify the tardy individuals you need to yank out of the crowd when it's time to go, or in case of emergency.

Serious things aside, it's just plain fun to be in a group that's wearing matching shirts. It gives you that fantastic, warm feeling of being a part of something. Please contact us today to talk about how easy it is to get your group outfitted with custom screen printed t-shirts.