Fundraisers get better with gifts, but it can be hard to pick what you want to sell. Fortunately, a good option is available with promotional tote bags.

Environmentally Friendly

promotional-tote-bagFew things make more of a mess than plastic or paper bags. When people cart away the educational materials and loot from your booth in a paper bag, they ultimately have to throw the bag away. A reusable tote bag, however, goes home and gets, well, reused. This cuts down on the garbage at your event and makes you look very environmentally friendly.

A Useful And Ever Present Reminder Of Your Cause

Promotional totes go everywhere. Many cities have banned the use of plastic bags, so people take totes to grocery stores. Even if your city has not made that decree, people always need a sturdy bag to cart things in. If you hand out promotional totes at your fundraiser, the participants will be reminded of your cause for years afterwards every time that they reach for a bag.

A Good Place To Stash Information

People tend to get a lot of written information at fundraisers. Without a bag to put it all in, all those lovingly created brochures get left on tables or crammed into pockets where they disappear. Promotional totes give people a safe place to put their papers so they can read them later.

Show Support

Totes are fashion accessories, and like other fashion accessories, are prime opportunities for people to show their feelings. People can get quite a kick sporting the logos of the causes they support, and they will enjoy the chance to show where they stand to others.

Visibility For Your Message

Totes go on people's backs and get slung on their shoulders, making them very visible to everyone around them. Unlike smaller items, these aren't going to get buried at the bottom of a drawer, either. Most people hang totes from hooks at home so that the souvenir is a permanent part of their interior decor. This keeps your logo, message and contact information in many peoples' line of sight for prolonged periods of time. This extends to the time that your fundraiser can take in money for your cause and raise awareness.

If you are organizing a fundraiser and are considering a what to give away at your event or if you are just thinking of things to sell at your fundraiser, contact us. We can custom screen print or embroider a wide variety of things for your cause.