Has your company put together a summer softball team? You can get the most out of the corporate softball experience by giving your team custom company uniforms.

  1. company-sports-uniformTeam spirit: You want everyone to be excited about your games, so creating a unified look is key. You will create a sense of team spirit that will resonate with everyone from the mail clerks to the top executives that will carry back to the workplace.
  2. Intimidation: The other teams will look at your team with envy when they come out the dugout with sharp and matching teamwear such as shirts, shorts, and hats. You want your company to stand out as the best, which should include best dressed team in the league. Everyone will be able to see your company's pride exhibited in the employees.
  3. Marketing: You want everyone to know whose team is on the field. Everyone watching the games will now know your company. With customs company uniforms, you can make sure your name, logo, and colors match your overall brand marketing plan.
  4. Marketing off the field: When your players go out for victory pizza afterwards or are out on weekends when the season ends, they can wear your team shirt or hat and continue spreading the word about your company. It will be marketing that gives you returns after the bats and gloves have been put away.

For more tips on where to start for your uniforms, watch the video bellow!

If you need to outfit your company with custom uniforms, contact us. We are ready to help you design and purchase the perfect custom uniforms for your company.