t-shirt-gateYou may have seen the headlines last Fall when Yahoo apologized for using promotional clothing to reward people for reporting serious security violations. Behind the headlines about “t-shirt gate” there are valuable lessons on how to use your logo apparel to say thanks the right way, and that's the topic of this week's post. 

Here's the back story: After a Swiss company went public with their complaint that Yahoo’s policy of rewarding contributors with a $12.50 credit to their company store was insulting, Ramses Martinez, director of Yahoo's security team, announced he’d start giving out cash payments of $150 to $15,000 depending on the type of vulnerability reported. That’s closer to the widespread practices of companies like Google and Facebook, who pay anywhere from $500 to $20,000.

It all goes to show that it’s good to think through your policy for handing out promotional clothing.

We can think of a least half a dozen situations where giving promotional clothing strikes just the right note:

  • People who purchase and use your products: Maybe all your customers deserve a shirt. Or maybe you want to focus on major purchases and repeat business.
  • People who tweet about you: Encourage the discussion, especially if they’re talking about their positive customer experiences.
  • People who like you on Facebook: Collect more fans. They’re likely to share their stories, promotions and discounts.
  • People who wear your clothing in their profile pictures: Increase your visibility in search results on LinkedIn and elsewhere.
  • People who complain: You’d rather have their feedback than let them go away angry. It's best to immediately apologize, fix the issue, heal any hurt feelings, and then send your personal thanks along with a good looking shirt. Problems handled well can often turn complainers into raving fans.

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