The gift of food is a great way for companies to sweeten their bottom lines by reinforcing an emotional bond with loyal customers or as a reward to employees. Tasty promotional products boost brand recognition, promote goodwill and enhance business relationships. EmbroidMe supplies customized food baskets, sweets and specialty foods to help companies make lasting impressions.

A recent survey conducted by American Express found that nearly half of all corporate gifts are food-related. Food is universal and indulgent and appreciated across every demographic. Selections can be individually tailored to the tastes or lifestyles of the recipient – healthy, organic or gourmet. Food can also be shared with others, transforming a promotional product into an experience that creates positive feelings about the company.
Companies can send gifts of food to further many goals. Food gifts go a long way to boost the morale of an employee that receives a gift basket on a birthday, during the holidays or to celebrate achievement. Clients can be shown how much they are appreciated for referring a new client, after making a large purchase, as a thank you after a promising sales call or if they have recently become new clients. Clients are appreciative of receiving gifts during the holidays or on their birthdays. On the other hand, sending clients an unexpected gift for no apparent reason transforms a nice gesture into a remarkable event.

Food gifts can be packaged in attractive and reusable gift boxes, tins, mugs or baskets with the company name and logo, serving as lasting reminders for years to come. Personalized greeting cards can be included inside the package to reinforce the message and feelings of goodwill. EmbroidMe, the world's leading franchise for promotional products, has a wide variety of delectable food items to choose from. Their experts can help craft the perfect corporate gift for any budget. Christine Marion, EmbroidMe’s Director of Retail Operations says, “Successful businesses are built on relationships. Corporate gift giving sets a company apart from the competition and reinforces brand identity.”

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