Custom shirt printing - DTG printingDesign Your Own Custom Tshirt

(or polo shirt, or sweatshirt) 

Always wanted to design a custom shirt for your team, school or group? Our free interactive online design tool lets you use your imagination to create something special. Our digital printer (pictured at right) can reproduce just about any design on white or light colored shirts, and these types of orders can be produced quickly if you are experiencing a "tshirt emergency" (hey, it happens).

If you prefer to print your design on dark colored shirts, we can do that too, but our minimum order for printing on dark shirts is 25 pieces, and pricing depends on the number of colors in your artwork.  

Use our online design tool to play around with different graphics, text, & colors. Display your custom design on a tshirt, or choose a sweatshirt, polo shirt, or cap. It's easy to check out how your logo looks on different colors and different types of apparel. We put the creative control right at your fingertips. You provide the inspiration and bring your designs to life. Choose your favorite look, and submit a request for a quote.

The design process is simple: 

  • Start with the artwork... upload your own logo or chose an image from our extensive library.
  • Add the words you’d like to see and choose a font that reflects your personal style.
  • Then, put the finishing touches on your apparel choice... pick your size and color so you can see the finished the product for yourself.

Custom Tshirt Design Tool

A word of caution before you start

We highly recommend checking out our tips for keeping your custom tshirt designs affordable. It is quite possible to design something that looks great on a computer screen, but that is too expensive to actually have made. (But hey, if money is no object, rock on -- we can print just about anything).  

If you only want one tshirt printed with your super cool design, we're fine with that. But please be aware that our minimum printing order is $50. How many tshirts can you get printed for the $50 minimum?  It depends. Not helpful, I know, but every job we do is custom, so each one has to be evaluated and priced on a case-by-case basis. Read the tshirt design tips for guidance, then have fun playing with your design. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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